Oslo Scholars Program

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The 2014 Scholars

Aparna Dasaraju

1053483_10151747507962174_445710315_oAparna Dasaraju is a sophomore studying Peace and Justice Studies and Community Health at Tufts University. She hopes to pursue a career in the field of Public Health having developed a critical lens to evaluate policy and history to best contextualize her work with respect to the state of health in various marginalized and indigenous communities. Aparna grew up in Topeka, Kansas and has worked on addressing the lack of access to health care in the state of Kansas with the Kansas Health Consumer Coalition on issues such as Medicaid Expansion and the Kansas Dental Project. She hopes to expand this work in health to address the ways in which changing environments, as a result of human practices and industry, impact health. On campus, she is involved with BUILD: India, a student run group that works with the Non-profit Payir in Thottiyapatti, India on issues of development. A large project the group has undertaken has been the installation of ECO-SAN toilets to improve sanitation and hygiene in the village. She is also involved with the Tufts Asian American Center as a Peer Leader in efforts to increase conversation about race and identity on campus and within Asian America and Pulse, the Indian classical dance group on campus. Aparna will be working with Tutu Alicante of EG Justice in order to further the organization’s goals to increase transparency of the harmful oil-trade and industry in Equatorial Guinea.
Languages: English, Spanish, Telugu

Jessica Howard

Jessica is10176066_745456792142879_2579670532100974500_n a member of the Class of 2017 at Tufts University and is hoping to pursue a major in American Studies and possibly a minor in Film. Jessica is from Columbia, Maryland and is interested in studying race, social justice, and art while at Tufts. She is involved in Pan African Alliance on campus. Jessica enjoys drawing, Game of Thrones, and swimming in her spare time. Through the Oslo Scholars program she hopes to explore the causes and effects of the military conflicts in Eritrea and how refugees find asylum and adjust to life in new environment. She will be working with Meron Estefanos, an Eritrean activist, to help advocate on behalf of refugees. She hopes that during this experience she can contribute to improving the lives of refugees and learn more about community-based activism.

Languages: English

Ananda Paez

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